ESPNF1 1.6.2

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason. You can download these alternatives:

Full coverage of the F1 season on your Android device

ESPNF1 is no longer available. Have a look at ESPN for Android. View full description


  • Excellent interface design
  • Lots of news and feature content
  • Live race data and commentary
  • Driver and team profiles


  • No community features

Very good

ESPNF1 is no longer available. Have a look at ESPN for Android.

ESPNF1 is the official ESPN guide to the Formula One season. It delivers news, features, driver and team information, and live race commentary.

The well-designed ESPNF1 app makes it easy to access the wealth of content on offer. A neat home screen displays a countdown to the next event, along with a list the current top news stories. You can view these stories in depth by clicking the News tab, which also contains some well written features and comment surrounding Formula One.

ESPNF1 includes a calendar of all the season's events. Clicking on a circuit will bring up a full profile of that track, including a map, a history of the circuit, and race schedule information. The Standings section of the ESPNF1 app not only lets you view the current championship leaderboard, but you can also check out driver and team profiles.

The live coverage in ESPNF1 is very good. You can monitor the current position and lap of each driver, access live commentary, check out the current conditions down on the track, and view photos from the race.

ESPNF1 feels like a very complete app, and with the promise of video content and push alerts for latest news it's set to get even better. Hopefully, the developer will add some kind of community features, such similar to the comments board in LiveSports24 F1 Racing.

If you're a fan of F1 then you can't afford to be without ESPNF1. It makes for an indispensable guide to the Formula One season.